Sydney Harbor, New South Wales

Australia is a country where the boundaries are blur. The cities are colorful, vibrant, sophisticated and welcoming, blending the Australian laid-back attitude outback lifestyle and cosmopolitan culture perfectly.

The Sydney Opera House is located near the city centre of the Circular Quay. The city centre is well-connected with the rest of Sydney through a network of buses which provide an agreeable transportation.

The marvelous looking Performing Arts Centre with the exquisite interiors is surrounded with ravishing waves and overlooking the Harbor Bridge. With over 40 shows every week there’s something for everyone at the Sydney Opera House. From Opera and Musicals, Music to Theatre and Dance there are events for everyone from family and friends to school students. Advance bookings for the various shows and  events can be made on the website.

A wide range of boutiques and retail outlets are available for the shopoholics and a diverse variety of restaurants and bars for the gourmets are available at a four minute walk from the Harbor

Summers are the best time to visit this city which runs from December to February, from warm to hot. Australia has vast expanse of roads and rails which connects the cities meticulously. If you’re wishing for a destination which has incredible wildlife, natural vegetation as well as if you want to quench your thirst for shopping and different cuisines then Australia is your destination.