Fast and Furious

Anger. Intense Anger. It blinds you, literally as well as of all reason and rationale. It is a sort of reflex.

Anger will not put in a request to enter your mind and body like a guest who will call you to ask if it would be alright if they dropped by to meet you. Anger merely shows up, uninvited and sometimes unwanted. Hatred and irritation for someone or something means an open invitation for Anger. It’s unexpected arrival produces tears in some individuals and a red puffy face with a nerve popping quite visibly in others. This uninvited guest persuades a sane individual to blubber out words and sentences they would not under normal circumstances. The realisation that something fallacious has been said comes in too late. And even when this realisation hits home, hard, it becomes increasingly impossible to kick Anger out of one’s system. It can be said that Anger is permanently in love with your soul, so much so that it refuses to leave you, exceedingly complicating the situation.

Resilience, meditation, breathing techniques, listening to soft music is believed to enable in the retraction of Anger, to help shove it out of one’s system calmly. But the question remains, for how long does this remain? How long before Anger relapses? Is it possible to terminate it permanently?

Even monks, priests and saadhus who claim to follow these strategies have on occasion expressed wrath. Practical and personal experiential evidence suggests that it is highly difficult to get rid of Anger. It is a never-ending labyrinth. An individual maybe able to transfer Anger on to something else for a while but sooner or later, it will hit back in full force.