Stadspark, Antwerp, Belgium 

Walking along Stadspark I witnessed a picture perfect scene. The park is an almost circle. Starting from one end where there is a huge metal statue, lots of open spaces and benches.

A little bit of walking and the first glimpse f a tiny pond is seen. Black and white ducks quacking, shallow water, Belgians strolling along the gravelled path, some walking their dogs, others taking a walk with their children while many others are seen taking a midweek summer tan. Men and women of varying ages, stripped down to their bare minimals, lying about on the grass, either reading a book or playing the guitar or listening to the mixed sound of music and the birds fighting for their share of food. While some others are out for a family picnic or a quick nap in the sun.


Further down is the ice-cream van and the playing ground for children. The ice-cream van with it’s age old traditional bell offers delicious ice-cream cones to soothe the kids and the adults of the relentless heat. The playground covered in sand is one of the permanently lively place in the park , with children running about making better use of the slides and the swings or trying to make sandcastles with their colourful mini spades and buckets.


And finally the skatepark. From teenagers to adults, from beginners to advance skateboarders, everyone is seen zipping through the sudden curves and landings of the skatepark.

Its a silent walk round and about this park. The low buzz of the traffic, the incessant chirping of the birds, the quacking of ducks, the occasional laughter of middle-aged persons or the crying of one three year old, the giggling of another, the rustling of the wind at one hour and the heavy stillness of the sun gives Stadspark it’s unique atmosphere.


Sydney Harbor, New South Wales

Australia is a country where the boundaries are blur. The cities are colorful, vibrant, sophisticated and welcoming, blending the Australian laid-back attitude outback lifestyle and cosmopolitan culture perfectly.

The Sydney Opera House is located near the city centre of the Circular Quay. The city centre is well-connected with the rest of Sydney through a network of buses which provide an agreeable transportation.

The marvelous looking Performing Arts Centre with the exquisite interiors is surrounded with ravishing waves and overlooking the Harbor Bridge. With over 40 shows every week there’s something for everyone at the Sydney Opera House. From Opera and Musicals, Music to Theatre and Dance there are events for everyone from family and friends to school students. Advance bookings for the various shows and  events can be made on the website.

A wide range of boutiques and retail outlets are available for the shopoholics and a diverse variety of restaurants and bars for the gourmets are available at a four minute walk from the Harbor

Summers are the best time to visit this city which runs from December to February, from warm to hot. Australia has vast expanse of roads and rails which connects the cities meticulously. If you’re wishing for a destination which has incredible wildlife, natural vegetation as well as if you want to quench your thirst for shopping and different cuisines then Australia is your destination.

Dalhousie, India

How would it feel to wake up to the chirping of the highland birds, a spectacular view of the mountains and a slight gush of the morning wind? Dalhousie has it all and much more.

About 314.5 km from Chandigarh by road, the transportations available are numerous. This is the destination to enjoy the view from your hotel balconies with occasional visits to the city centre and sight-seeing places.

  1. City-Centre: There are abundant shops and restaurants accessible. It is preferable to go on foot to the city-centre as the roads are narrow and there is some difficulty in getting a private vehicle stationed. There are two small but beautiful churches. However, they are not open all day long, so it is suggested that the locals be asked in advance about the timings.
  2. Khajjiyar: At a distance of 24 km from Dalhousie and after an hour of rigorous, broken roads and narrow paths, we come to the ‘Mini-Switzerland’ of India. Khajjiyar resembles Switzerland in terms of the alpine grown trees and the lush, green grass. However, everything else very much has an Indian touch to it. There are small vendors selling maize, fruit chat masala, maggis and other delicacies that make one’s mouth water. Horse-riding, paragliding, and zorbing are some of the activities that are quite engaging.
  3. Dainkund Trek: A small 30 minute trek through a slightly sloped land, gives a spectacular view. This is the perfect picnic spot to spend time with family and friends in a peaceful environment.

Puerto Banús

I crave the smell of the warm sea breeze, the sound of the crashing waves and the soft sand squishing in between my toes. Puerto Banús has left sensationally phenomenal imprints in my mind and soul. The tranquil and serene atmosphere at the beach while sunbathing and reading is one of the escapades worth remembering.

This wondrous beach in the southwest of Marbella, Spain on Costa del Sol is a place that should not be missed by a wanderlust. Malaga is the nearest airport at about a distance of 50 kilometers where rental cars are available along with taxis for transportation.

The expensive shopping malls, the luscious meals served by the restaurants and the much needed drinks from the bars provide for a soothing and pacifying time. Sports car lovers will find high end cars like Ferraris, Lamborghini’s and Mercedes Benz a recurrent sight especially in the summers with an all round temperature of 18 degrees celsius.

So if you wish to take it easy on your travel destination and enjoy the simply beautiful architecture of snow white buildings shining under the glare of the burning sun, the exotically massive resorts with exceptional services, then Puerto Banús is a place where you should pay a visit.