The deafening scream make my hackles rise. My sleep is often replaced by nightmares. I try to get a better position , trying to sleep comfortably , to push away the obnoxious screech away from my mind but in vain. Suddenly I realize that it’s not my dream but reality. That screeching sound belongs to my sister, Aahana. My eyes snap open and my feet touch the cold floor within a second. I rush down the hallway from where the screams seem to be coming. My breaths short and quick. A thousand thoughts sweep across my mind. Maybe she’s just playing one of those stupid pranks of her’s or is it that something dreadful has happened? But the scream sounds pained. Beads of sweat accumulate on my forehead as I make my way toward the kitchen door.

The smell of smoke replaces the air as I reach towards the door. My heart racing. And there it is, a blazing fire surrounding Aahana. A silent wail escapes my throat, it is so dry I can’t open my mouth. Think fast I say to myself. Quick. It’s 2:00 am. My parents are not there at home and the neighbors may be in deep sleep. I do not bother to wake them. Instead I take a deep breath and try to appear as calm as possible.

“Aahana listen , I’ll be back in a minute. You’ll be alright. Stop crying and be Brave. Just keep breathing.”, I said.

“Yyy..Yess.” is all she can manage between her sobs.

I call for the fire-brigade but no one answers it.So holding the cordless trying to call the police station I rush towards the washroom and open the tap to fill two buckets. Then run to the store room , pull out a woolen blanket and head back to the kitchen. I climb up on the stool and throw the blanket over the flames. Meanwhile I tell the policeman on duty what has happened and he says that the fire-brigade will be on their way.

“Wrap it around yourself.”, I tell Aahana.

She follows my instruction. I can’t wait for anyone. The fire is nearing her body. I bring the bucket full of water and pour it over the flames. They settle down a little but threatening to rise again.I go as fast as a lightning and drag the second bucket with all my courage and pour it over the flames. I can see her now. Tears streaming down her face. The flame extend to the back of the window just as I hear the sirens. My sister hops over the flame and leaps forward to hug me. I squeeze her and just then the firemen spray water through the window to extinguish the remaining fire. The cold water drops touch our skin. I open the door to let the police in and investigate the source of fire which happened to be the gas cylinder explosion.

At that moment I was not a Hero who saved or changed the world. But yes, from that time I became my sister’s Hero. From that day onwards she viewed me as a different person altogether.


Author: Miloni

I love to pen down my day-dreams. Here's my collection.

One thought on “Hero”

  1. Very true,excellent narration, would like to go through blog again and again,excellent command of language and narration, keep it up!would like to have more from little angle, Miloni blogs.


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