The deafening scream make my hackles rise. My sleep is often replaced by nightmares. I try to get a better position , trying to sleep comfortably , to push away the obnoxious screech away from my mind but in vain. Suddenly I realize that it’s not my dream but reality. That screeching sound belongs to my sister, Aahana. My eyes snap open and my feet touch the cold floor within a second. I rush down the hallway from where the screams seem to be coming. My breaths short and quick. A thousand thoughts sweep across my mind. Maybe she’s just playing one of those stupid pranks of her’s or is it that something dreadful has happened? But the scream sounds pained. Beads of sweat accumulate on my forehead as I make my way toward the kitchen door.

The smell of smoke replaces the air as I reach towards the door. My heart racing. And there it is, a blazing fire surrounding Aahana. A silent wail escapes my throat, it is so dry I can’t open my mouth. Think fast I say to myself. Quick. It’s 2:00 am. My parents are not there at home and the neighbors may be in deep sleep. I do not bother to wake them. Instead I take a deep breath and try to appear as calm as possible.

“Aahana listen , I’ll be back in a minute. You’ll be alright. Stop crying and be Brave. Just keep breathing.”, I said.

“Yyy..Yess.” is all she can manage between her sobs.

I call for the fire-brigade but no one answers it.So holding the cordless trying to call the police station I rush towards the washroom and open the tap to fill two buckets. Then run to the store room , pull out a woolen blanket and head back to the kitchen. I climb up on the stool and throw the blanket over the flames. Meanwhile I tell the policeman on duty what has happened and he says that the fire-brigade will be on their way.

“Wrap it around yourself.”, I tell Aahana.

She follows my instruction. I can’t wait for anyone. The fire is nearing her body. I bring the bucket full of water and pour it over the flames. They settle down a little but threatening to rise again.I go as fast as a lightning and drag the second bucket with all my courage and pour it over the flames. I can see her now. Tears streaming down her face. The flame extend to the back of the window just as I hear the sirens. My sister hops over the flame and leaps forward to hug me. I squeeze her and just then the firemen spray water through the window to extinguish the remaining fire. The cold water drops touch our skin. I open the door to let the police in and investigate the source of fire which happened to be the gas cylinder explosion.

At that moment I was not a Hero who saved or changed the world. But yes, from that time I became my sister’s Hero. From that day onwards she viewed me as a different person altogether.


Sydney Harbor, New South Wales

Australia is a country where the boundaries are blur. The cities are colorful, vibrant, sophisticated and welcoming, blending the Australian laid-back attitude outback lifestyle and cosmopolitan culture perfectly.

The Sydney Opera House is located near the city centre of the Circular Quay. The city centre is well-connected with the rest of Sydney through a network of buses which provide an agreeable transportation.

The marvelous looking Performing Arts Centre with the exquisite interiors is surrounded with ravishing waves and overlooking the Harbor Bridge. With over 40 shows every week there’s something for everyone at the Sydney Opera House. From Opera and Musicals, Music to Theatre and Dance there are events for everyone from family and friends to school students. Advance bookings for the various shows and  events can be made on the website.

A wide range of boutiques and retail outlets are available for the shopoholics and a diverse variety of restaurants and bars for the gourmets are available at a four minute walk from the Harbor

Summers are the best time to visit this city which runs from December to February, from warm to hot. Australia has vast expanse of roads and rails which connects the cities meticulously. If you’re wishing for a destination which has incredible wildlife, natural vegetation as well as if you want to quench your thirst for shopping and different cuisines then Australia is your destination.

Dalhousie, India

How would it feel to wake up to the chirping of the highland birds, a spectacular view of the mountains and a slight gush of the morning wind? Dalhousie has it all and much more.

About 314.5 km from Chandigarh by road, the transportations available are numerous. This is the destination to enjoy the view from your hotel balconies with occasional visits to the city centre and sight-seeing places.

  1. City-Centre: There are abundant shops and restaurants accessible. It is preferable to go on foot to the city-centre as the roads are narrow and there is some difficulty in getting a private vehicle stationed. There are two small but beautiful churches. However, they are not open all day long, so it is suggested that the locals be asked in advance about the timings.
  2. Khajjiyar: At a distance of 24 km from Dalhousie and after an hour of rigorous, broken roads and narrow paths, we come to the ‘Mini-Switzerland’ of India. Khajjiyar resembles Switzerland in terms of the alpine grown trees and the lush, green grass. However, everything else very much has an Indian touch to it. There are small vendors selling maize, fruit chat masala, maggis and other delicacies that make one’s mouth water. Horse-riding, paragliding, and zorbing are some of the activities that are quite engaging.
  3. Dainkund Trek: A small 30 minute trek through a slightly sloped land, gives a spectacular view. This is the perfect picnic spot to spend time with family and friends in a peaceful environment.

Puerto Banús

I crave the smell of the warm sea breeze, the sound of the crashing waves and the soft sand squishing in between my toes. Puerto Banús has left sensationally phenomenal imprints in my mind and soul. The tranquil and serene atmosphere at the beach while sunbathing and reading is one of the escapades worth remembering.

This wondrous beach in the southwest of Marbella, Spain on Costa del Sol is a place that should not be missed by a wanderlust. Malaga is the nearest airport at about a distance of 50 kilometers where rental cars are available along with taxis for transportation.

The expensive shopping malls, the luscious meals served by the restaurants and the much needed drinks from the bars provide for a soothing and pacifying time. Sports car lovers will find high end cars like Ferraris, Lamborghini’s and Mercedes Benz a recurrent sight especially in the summers with an all round temperature of 18 degrees celsius.

So if you wish to take it easy on your travel destination and enjoy the simply beautiful architecture of snow white buildings shining under the glare of the burning sun, the exotically massive resorts with exceptional services, then Puerto Banús is a place where you should pay a visit.